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Recommendations For Muhammad – See the full version on LinkedIn Click Here

Product Manager

CIT Global

“Muhammad has a great business future. He combines an admirable desire to learn with high standards to produce world-class results, plus the sensitivity to people that supports him being an effective manager and leader. His dedication is unquestioned where you know that he will make sure everything is done to make something important happen correctly, including whatever extra time and effort is required of him. His background is very strong technically, and his interests are in making something successful with the users, so he spends time researching the right thing to do for the user. He has very high commitment to objectives and is tenacious to ensure everything is done to meet them, and he has a personality that is a catalyst for good teamwork. His high ownership and dedication, strong analytics, people skills, tech and business savvy make him a very strong asset to a smart company.” August 28, 2012

1st Martin EnriquezCEO, CIT Global – MOBiDIV
managed Muhammad at CIT Global

“Mohamed is a very good leader. He helps, listen, encourage and appreciate his team members very well. He deals with his team in a way that really makes them want to acheive the team’s goal because they know very well that he really appreciate them.
Very very good thinker. Very wise and knows how to make use of the opportunities and even create ones if they were not found.

Really working with him was a pleasure.” January 7, 2011

1st Ahmed M. AbdelghanyMobile Application Developer, CIT Global
reported to Muhammad at CIT Global

“Mohamed is a very smart, active and innovative person. Working with him is very smooth as he is very cooperative, dedicated and responsible.” August 25, 2010

1st Hanady El GammalSenior Marketing Executive, CIT Global
worked directly with Muhammad at CIT Global

“Muhammad is a true SME (Subject Matter Expert) his dedication and devotion, along with his excellent knowledge and passion just makes him a valuable asset for any company. During the limited number of projects Muhammad and I worked together, he was able to solve the hardest problems through an excellent scientific yet calm and informative manner. His ability to communicate different messages to people of different cultures and mother tongues proved to be more than excellent, let alone his ability to respectfully earn the admiration and respect of his colleagues and bosses. I would recommend Muhammad as an added asset for any company.” June 3, 2010

1st Ahmad FaheemProduct manager, CIT Global MobiDiv
worked with Muhammad at CIT Global

“Muhammad is a deep technical mind with business flavor in addition to sharp attention to details. He also enjoys a high level of negotiation skills that allowed him to deal with many customers and contain many tough situations. With the sense of appreciation to business objectives and proactive mind, Muhammad is a real value to any organization.” May 20, 2010

1st Omneya IskanderEngagement Manager, Cit global Mobidiv
managed Muhammad indirectly at CIT Global

“Muhamed held a technical position where he was not only doing his objectives but also exceeding expectations , he has the quadruple criteria of the perfect employee , 1 very dedicated , 2- very loyal 3- Highly skilled ,4- He really cares . He has been able to gain the trust of a prospected Strategic customer in a very short time single handed .I believe that he also has the talent for sales and I believe that with this combination he will definitely reach high places in the IT Market .” May 18, 2010

1st Sameya El-DamatyManaging Director ,Global ( EG, UAE,,HK & CA), CIT Global Mobidiv
managed Muhammad indirectly at CIT Global

“Mohamed has diversified skills and capabilities, he knows very well how to face and manage urgency while maintaining the focus of the final objective. he is super in adopting to the environment around him toward success. he is an asset to any company that works for.” May 18, 2010

1st Bahaa BazzarBusiness Development Director, Imaginet/mobidiv
managed Muhammad indirectly at CIT Global

“Mohamed is the man that understand your objectives well and remove block to achieve these objectives.” April 15, 2010

1st Youhana YoussefTechnical Lead, CIT Global MobiDiv Division
managed Muhammad at CIT Global

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