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Muhammad A. M. Zakaria

Tel: +20-2-38371685     Mobile: +20-101498906   eMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Current Position
Product Manager
CIT MOBiDIV (known previously as IMAGiNET)

Personal Information
Name: Muhammad Ahmad Mamdouh Zakaria
Date of Birth: January 4th 1981
Nationality: Egyptian.
Marital Status: Married.
Military Status: Done as Reserved Officer.
Phone: +20-2-38371685
Cellular: +20-101498906
Address: P.O. Box 342, 6 Oct. City, 12566, Giza, Egypt.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Product Manager [2010-Present]

XMS Product Manager

XMS is a global product that tends to change the future mobile messaging through providing very much added values for mobile messaging over SMS / Data:

  • Handwriting messaging over touch devices
  • Social networks integration
  • Cross platform implementation

XMS is considered the strongest product of MOBiDIV global products and has a patent in mobile messaging and compression.


  • Prepare a full product road map with expectations for business potential development
  • Responsible for studying the market potential and customer needs to determine the product features and specifications
  • Manage and lead the creation, development and delivery of XMS project on different platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Black Berry and Symbian.
  • Manage the distribution and deployment of XMS product to different customers: Operators, Mobile handset vendors and Market app stores
  • Collaborate with customers to match the delivery expectations
  • Full ownership and responsibility of the product with the ability to audit, evaluate and even escalate any problem to the highest level needed.


  • Successful bundling with the largest operator in Taiwan: FET
  • Successful bundling with most of handset vendors like: HTC, Acer, Huawei, Asus and Motorola
  • Publishing XMS to app stores: Android and OVI 


Previous History:

Technical Team Leader [2008-2010]

Responsible for developing mobile software to be distributed by the company.

  • Windows Mobile Localization Project Manager
    MOBiDIV is providing localization solutions and regional applications to most of windows mobile vendors who are deploying in the middle east area ( HTC, ASUS, ACER, MOTOROLA, etc ).
    I was responsible to deliver projects on time with high quality.

     I was elected to travel to India to work as a project coordinator to LG ( LG Soft India ) to finalize a localization project for windows mobile devices.

  • Quran Touch
    Helped in developing a newer version of Quran to support gestures buttons, movement and menus
  • Gesture Scrolling - (Touch Flo Like)
    It was needed to implement a Touch Flo like feature to support scrolling and movement in controls by gesture like HTC and iPhone and I have developed an excellent module to support gesture movement among different controls
  • iPhone Watch
    Using previously mentioned Gesture Scrolling feature I have developed an iPhone alarm and watch replica and it involved inertia calculations and to scroll the watch controls with acceleration that slows down with time based on how strong you have scrolled the control(as on a wheel)
  • iTOUCH Menus
    Participated in developing Hooking on system standard menus and intercepting all system messages then displaying our own custom menus which involves:
    • Intercept system menus and disable displaying standard menu
    • Developing our own custom menus
    • Custom menu behavior should emulate the standard menu behavior
    • Add more usable UI to menu
      • Scrolled by finger taps
      • Large menu items
      • Fast response
      • Fancy user interface
  • iTOUCH Shell
    Participated in developing this shell Using GAPI to make a complete shell that provides an enhanced UI to pocket pc and provides full accessibility with gesture support and it provides a very fancy user interface.
  • RIL Development(Radio Interface Layer)
    Mastered using this library to detect GSM network name, caller name or SIM card number
  • Prayer Times
    Helped in developing a newer version of Prayer Times.
  • Extreme Programming Techniques
    • Hooking
      Developing tasks might involve using hooking techniques to alternate default system behavior 
    • Sub Classing
      It is used to change some specific behavior and delegate others to the original system’s WndProc
    • Reverse engineering
      Sometimes its needed to break down some system components by disassembling them and understand how to get some data from them (like disassembling clock.dll to get system cities from it)
  • WinCE Low Level Memory Leaks Tracking and Elimination
    Unlike Symbian WinCE can accept application with memory leaks that would affect the stability of the portable device on the long run so the solution was to find a tool to detect these issues and it was CE Test Kit Application verifier and it is a very complicated tool to work with as following
    • Understanding different application modules by isolating each module with .map & .cod files
    • Running application in all execution paths
    • Comparing Assembly instructions that causes the leaks with the .map file 
    • Extracting memory leak location and start understanding reason of this leak based on its type
      • Heap Leak (dangerous but ends with application exit)
      • GDI Leak (very dangerous and it causes a complete device fault in a while)
      • Mismatch Load/Free library (moderate)
    • Fixing leaks and try again
      Result is to raise application stability from 2 hours running on Hopper test to 150 hours
Harf Information Technology Company, Saudi Arabia – Egypt 2006-2007

Senior Software Developer

Responsible for developing mobile software to be distributed by the company.

  • Zakat Al Mal
    • A very professional tool that can calculate Muslims Zakat correctly for all types of money and all currencies.
    • It provides a currency conversion tool that can updates the currencies prices using a web service.
    • A dynamic lists for money calculation is supported so the user can enter multiple items from the same type of Zakat and manage his items easily (Add, Edit and Delete) 
    • Import / Export feature using dynamic file structure to save all the user items and retrieve them any time.
    • Dynamic XML based help which can use pictures , voice playing and formatted text (custom made XML parsing engine –click here to read more about it-)
  • Harf Mobile Quran
    • Mobile Quran player that can play Quran voice synchronized with text viewer and coloring the current played verse, and it can also display Quran word meanings and explanations for each verse.
    • The application has a full database for searching and seeking Quran verses and it was built on Symbian environment using SQL.
  • Harf Prayer Times
    • Mobile prayer time’s software that uses a background service technique “.EXE” and it is transparent to the user and it has an auto start recognizer using “.MDL” programming.
    • Full alarm engine that work independently of the existed  system using also a background service which can give the user the ability to add multiple alarms ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly…etc ) 
    • It also has Prayer Times Based Alarm(s)® which was invented to help Muslims who need alarms based on their prayers (alarm after or before a specific prayer)
    • Full agenda of all Islamic events like  ( Hajj , Eied … etc ) 
    • Displays Al-Azkar morning and evening with a well formatted rich text 
    • Displays Al-Qibla relative to north and to sun
    • Gets the weather in your relative company using GPRS connection to an online web service using “soap” object technique 
  • XML Parser & Viewer Engine 
    • A complete engine to parse and view a custom XML files to customize Applications data and it can dynamically add or change the tags through simple interfaces to that engine
    • Custom class that can use the XML engine and it takes an XML file that includes the formatted data (Text – Pictures –as an ID-) and view these data into the screen of the mobile application
    • It can also export these data after parsing into a special binary format and it can be loaded again any time without parsing to save time and space for the application
ASGA Tech Company, Egypt, Cairo 2006

Software Developer

Responsible for developing mobile software to be distributed by the company.

  • Islamic Organizer for S60 3rd Edition
    • Software that was funded by Nokia to be released for Nokia Symbian S60 3rd Edition phones.
    • This software basically has a prayer times engine and reminder for all of popular countries in the world
    • The application has Hijri Date Converter that can convert from both Gregorian & Hijri 
    • It can also synchronize with system built in calendar
    • It also has a list of Islamic Events
    • The application has Qibla viewer based on the current city you chose in your settings
Military, Egypt, Fayed – Alexandria – Ismailia 2003-2006

Reserved Officer

Studied 1 year in military academy for reserved officers as an Air Defense Officer, and served in Egyptian military as a “IT Department Manager” for 18 months.

  • Taking lead of the IT Department in that Army Unit and command the team.
  • Re-Engineering the current system based on the needs of work flow inside the entity
  • Building new response system for report in query system
  • Enhanced stability and system integrity
Graduation Project, Egypt, Cairo 2003

Prayer Times Finder

Prayer Times Finder is a portable device that can be loaded with database of cities prayer times around the world and it can alert you with prayer times any where.
Which also contains an amazing software client that can alert you with prayer times in the whole world any time Click here to see more information about prayer time finder project

  • Using Micro-controller to work independently to display prayer times
  • Building a driver to factory standard LCD to display prayer times on it
  • Implementing an interface between Micro-controller processor and PC to update the Micro based system with cities.
  • Implementing prayer times alarm using amplifier with a speaker
Professional Skills


  • Using Project Management tools like Microsoft Project and Gantt Project on daily basis
  • Familiar with all CMMI process for analyzing and designing any project
  • Proficient with System modeling tools using UML like Rational Rose and E.A.
  • Distinguished skills in programming with Borland C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic 
  • Proven ability to design and deploy websites using ASP.NET 2.0 
  • Proficient with PC interfacing with Sensors and other devices (with Intel 80x86 family)
  • Totally acquainted with graphics editing tools such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and 3D-MAX Studio
Education & Training

Project Management - CBT Nuggets PMP Online (Self Training) 2009 - 2010
Planning to enter PMP exam during 2010.

People Management - Team Management Dysfunctional 2009


People Management - Personal Style Assessment  2008

Soft Skills - Communication Skills 2007

Symbian OS Explained - Effective C++ Programming for Smart Phones (Self Training)    2006

Reserved Officers Academy Certificate as Reserved Air Defense Officer     2003-2005

Computer Engineering Bachelor from Cairo University Faculty of Engineering     1999-2003

Language Experience


  • Arabic  : Native
  • English : Fluent
Personal Summary


  • Willing to relocate
  • My personal hobbies:
    • Reading
    • Video games
    • Body building
  • 30 years of age, Married
  • Clean driving license, excellent health.
  • Reading
  • Video games
  • Body building
  • 27 years of age, Married
  • Clean driving license, excellent health.